Thursday, December 17, 2009


Hat tip to Fallible Blogma for the video:

I'm noticing a trend here. It seems pretty easily explicable, but the trend seems to be that nobody really likes getting corrected publicly by religious officials, even officials of the religion to which they proudly claim to belong. It seems, interestingly enough, that the Kennedy mentality of dissent stretches far and beyond the Democratic Party. The thing is, whenever anybody attempts any sort of correction in America, the response is "How dare you judge me?" This is then followed by ten thousand reasons the person who is trying to do the pastoral thing shouldn't be doing it. In this case, from what I heard, Hannity's objections mostly fell under the fallacy of tu quoque, or "you do it too." His only other response was to try and force the Father into a false dilemma, and to repeat that this dilemma was reality until it magically became fact. (Hint: That transformation never happened.) Hannity unintentionally brought to my mind the point that the sex abuse scandals leave people disillusioned, but that doesn't excuse his being out of step with his church on the point of contraception. It just does not.

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