Sunday, January 24, 2010

Week of Christian Unity: Day 6 on Day 6 (7, sort of): The Orthodox and Ecumenism

Here when I say the Orthodox I mean the Eastern Orthodox, not merely adherents to the historical orthodoxy of the Christian faith. For a quick rundown of Orthodox perspectives one can see the Orthodox Wiki's page. Following the links on this page eventually led me to a major Catholic-Orthodox venture in dialogue which was claimed to be the oldest regular venture of its kind in the world, and which has a webpage hosted on the site of the Standing Conference of the Canonical Orthodox Bishops of America (SCOBA), which you can find here. As I type this I am running short on time, so my brief bits of research led me to this short agreement from 1974 about the church. These are things that the two oldest branches of Christianity are, at least hopefully, finding themselves in agreement on. One thing that's kind of interesting to do is to read over the lists and see how many items (of the ones that apply to more than just the Orthodox and Catholics) you agree with. The list definitely gets more specific as it goes along, but there are some that seem more vital to an understanding of Christian unity from any perspective, most notably:
2. The church is the communion of believers living in Jesus Christ and the Spirit with the Father. It has its origin and prototype in the Trinity in which there is both distinction of persons and unity based on love, not subordination.
It's an interesting set of agreements. Check it out.

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