Sunday, January 24, 2010

Christian Unity ToC

Day 1 I introduced my reasons for the week, which included a desire to do something to contribute to the general projects and prospects of Christian unity. I linked a Peter Kreeft speech that day.

Day 2: Nate Hill--a guy I went to church with once upon a time--wrote a guest post on multiple types of unity--from person-to-God to ecumenism between religions.

Day 3: I offer a reflection on what Christian unity means in terms of unity of the Scripture and the Sacraments.

Day 4: Katie Stevens--another person I know from my old home church--gives a few of her thoughts on unity in action and in Christ, on her blog just me and who i am.

Day 5: I reflect on a brief bit of writing that N.T. Wright did on unity of action in the context of discussing the authority of the Scriptures, in his book The Last Word.

Day 6: A link to a 1974 document in which leaders of Eastern Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism made a concerted effort to see whey could agree on theologically.

Day 7: My old roommate Tyler Paradis wrote a guest post drawing on his experience as one of four leaders of an ecumenical worship and spiritual growth event at the University of Portland.

BONUS: From my one-time classmate (Philosophy of Religion, y'all) Kevin Johnston's blog Sola Nobilitas Virtus comes this post about unity of values in opposing the world's sins.

If any 'bonus posts' show up, they'll be added to the table of contents as well.

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