Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Heralding of a New Type of Post

I'm going to start doing a thing here where I attempt to start a peculiar event known as a conversation. Using a Wikipedia article. Please do feel free to contribute. I shall cite a Wikipedia article and attempt to either comment on the subject myself or provide someone else's hopefully better comment on the subject. I was moved to do this now so that I could do it before Mike Schmitz went to the novitiate and would no longer be able to participate.

I ask that you at least consider, if you saw this on Facebook, responding here and not there; either way I will ask that you permit me the privilege of incorporating your response into the post (or Austin or Mike, should they want to make a post of their own of this type in the future.)

Now the general format will be as follows.

Wikipedia article link.

"Perhaps unwittingly bad quotation regarding subject of Wikipedia article."


After which you are permitted to discuss the subject with or without reference to whatever the heck I just said, because what I just said, as I just said, is likely to have been quite stupid.

This is discussion! It is not debate unless it is made so, but at any rate let it be Christian.

I intend to make these posts at least once a week. I hope I will embarass Austin into productivity and perhaps embarass Mike into posting one before he disappears into formation. Stay tuned! This post will come next in the line of Dan Lower postings.

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A. Scott / Xeirxes said...

Aha, I see... embarrassment for the sake of godliness :) Very well, then. Perhaps I will figure out some way of getting back on track with posting!

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