Sunday, August 9, 2009

Discuss, #1: The Didache

Explanation for this post is found here. Short version: Discuss the linked page (and relevant things, though I don't particularly care if it gets derailed), and here if you've got anywhere near the time. Now begins the post.


Check out this Didache. According to Wikipedia, it's a seriously awesome book of rules and instructions for the Early Church, in terms of structure of the communion ritual, and moral instruction. Also, baptism. It seems to draw quite furiously and fervently upon several moral instructions available, invoking litanies of things that could prove problematic for believers. In short, it's quite strict--though not uncharitable, in my estimation.

MY question is: "Is there anything about the Didache that is unbiblical, aside from its not being part of the Christian Scripture? If so, how is it unbiblical?"

Again, feel free not to discuss the above question if there's another one you wish to pose and/or answer. I for my part will be rereading the thing before I make my own comment (and add it to the conversation.) If for some reason someone should desire their contributions to be anonymous they need only e-mail me and make this request, or post anonymously. I also plan on adding things said by people on Facebook, if anything is.


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