Thursday, June 28, 2012

Christian Carnival

The Christian Carnival is here yet again! The Carnival is open to Christians of Protestant, Roman Catholic or Eastern Orthodox convictions. As such, while on this blog Papists represent, the reader should bear in mind that not every article linked here is written by persons who would consider themselves such.


Josh Wiley submits Daryl Evans' post Bible Verses About Trials: 20 Scriptures on Tribulations, over at What Christians Want To Know.
We all go through trials in life. Check out these inspirational Bible verses about trials and tribulations.
Romi brings us God Knows from his blog In the Way Everlasting.
"There is no such thing as coincidence."
Isabel Anders submits Guidance in Small Doeses from her blog BlogHer.
 What words of wisdom have influenced your choices or given your life new direction?
General Theology

Dave Moser sent along All the Commands of James from his blog, Armchair Theology.
The book of James has a reputation for being full of legalistic commands but if you look at all of the imperative verbs all at once you will see something interesting.
I present The Story of a Soul here at keyboard theologians.
I will (perhaps boldly) claim that in the Christian tradition it must be said that a soul's response to God is the primary and founding response it makes to all things.

Paul Kuritz presents Not By Bread Alone: The Hunger Games: The Book at Paul Kuritz: Opinions.
Does the novel The Hunger Games achieve its strength by tapping into the Christian story?
Shannon Christman submits Fellowship that Endures from InFaith's Mission Blog, a post by Jeff and Cheryl Norbie.
It seems as though the Lord is teaching us that His love transcends time and location.
Christman also sent along History from Ridge's Blog, by Ridge Burns.
Sometimes my history and my sentimental emotions get in the way of progress.
There you have it, folks. Hope you enjoyed this edition of the Christian Carnival. Feel free to go to the Carnival's official site to submit a post for next week!

ADDENDUM: I've added the entry under devotionals that was submitted via Blogcarnival. I had told Maryanne that I would be counting those and then forgot to do so. But please note that Blogcarnival is not really an approved submission method anymore and as far as I know, no host is bound to honor it.

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