Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Christian Carnival: Oct 26, 2011

Welcome to the October 26, 2011 edition of the Christian Carnival. The Carnival is open to Christians of Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Protestant convictions. As such it should be expected and nearly goes without saying that I don't necessarily mean to endorse every written word in the posts below theologically.

Richard H. Anderson presents The Book of Zechariah and the Passion Narratives posted at dokeo kago grapho soi kratistos Theophilos, saying, "one in a series of articles on the priority of the Gospel of Luke"

Maryann Spikes presents Confident Christianity Conference in the Dallas/Fort Worth area posted at Ichthus77.

Jennifer in OR presents Two-Hundred-Proof Grace posted at Diary of 1, saying, "I consider how my sister’s Scotch was proof enough with just a whiff to convince me of its power and how just a taste sent my nagging cold into oblivion, and wasn’t grace good medicine, too, especially for ailments of the conscience?"

David R Wells presents A Modern Day Sodom? posted at Revelation 3:10 - Blog, saying, "From Genesis we learn that the city Sodom ran rampant in homosexuality, but from this passage in Ezekiel we discover so much more about who these people really were."

Josh presents Best Bible Verses to Share With Others posted at What Christians Want To Know, saying, "Do you have favorite Bible verses to share with others? Check out this list of ten good ones to memorize or write down so you can share them."

Cindy Jeffrey presents Prayer to God the Father that Souls Rest in Peace and for Love, Purity and Blessedness posted at Christian Prayers, saying, "I've had requests this week to pray for souls who died this week. This prayer asks for that, and that we, too, might be drawn closer to God."

sharon akinoluwa presents WEALTH AND RICHES » BIBLICAL PRINCIPLES FOR WEALTH CREATION posted at WEALTH AND RICHES, saying, "T he programme of God above all things is that you should prosper. Not above some things or few things but above ALL things. This is God’s ultimate desire for you. Prosperity is God’s will. That is His agenda for all believers including you. God is eternally committed to your prosperity. And the good news is that the devil cannot do anything about it…"

Carl presents When God is Silent posted at Theological Pursuit, saying, "Some along-the-road-of-life thoughts on God's silence."

Zowada presents The Central Issues and the Peripheral Issues. posted at Zowada Blog, saying, "What do the great debates such as "Calvinism vs. Arminianism" matter if we lose sight of love within the discussion?"

Christian Amit presents Jesus Heals Jairus’ Daughter - Miracles of Jesus posted at Bible Study Exposition Online, saying, "Bible Study on Healing miracles of Jesus Christ – Jesus raises Jairus’ Daughter. Who is the ruler of Synagogue? What was Jairus’ state of mind when he heard about his daughter’s death? Faith of Jairus. Jesus’ response to the Wailers. Life Applications."

Jason Price presents Is it “Good” to Spend Money on Yourself? posted at One Money Design, saying, "Consider a Godly perspective to spending decisions and find some peace to spend some on yourself."

True Stillwater presents Do You Believe in the Devil? posted at Letters, Messages, and Prayers, saying, "Blog on hope and fighting back with faith and prayer."

Kaleb presents Sound Like a Broken Record? posted at W2W Soul: Windows to The Woman's Soul, saying, "I can only imagine what I sound like to the Lord every time I go before Him with the same sin, the same struggle, the same failure. “Lord, I’m so sorry—so sorry—so sorry—so sorry—forgive me—forgive me—never again—again—“well, you get my point."

loswl presents Sold out for Jesus? posted at INSPIKS, saying, "I know there are some areas in my Christian walk that are still lacking, and it’s frustrating. I want to be 110% sold out for Jesus, but I’m not, and it’s seriously worry’s me, because what does it mean to be a follower of Jesus?"

Isabel Anders presents “Interview with Fr. Malachi” about Chant of Death—A Clerical Detective Novel by Diane M. Moore and Isabel Anders | BlogHer posted at BlogHer, saying, "This "interview" with the hero of our mystery novel Chant of Death serves to introduce theological themes and information in a narrative format and also exposes readers to our writing style."

Chris Brooks presents Fostering Knowledge of the Gospel posted at Homeward Bound, saying, "Narrative doesn't really cover it. Sharing the good news -- and the bad news -- with children who need to hear it."

Ronnie Davis presents Love Beyond Service posted at Mission Blog, saying.

Aoide-Melete-Mneme presents Thoughts on 1 Corinthians posted at à la mode de les Muses, saying, "Waiting is a short-run solution for singles."

Melanie Slaugh presents 10 Bible Stories You Can Relate to FaceBook posted at Internet Service Providers.

I, Dan Lower present Pray Always over here at KBT.

If you'd like to participate next week, use our nifty carnival submission form. Find past and future hosts on our blog carnival index page.


Jennifer in OR said...

Thank you for hosting, I look forward to browsing these great posts!

Jenny said...

Thanks for including my post! :D

Isabel Anders said...

Re: Interview with Fr. Malachi
Also see:
Prequel to Chant of Death: An Essential Evil
at: A Word's Worth Diane Marquart Moore

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