Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Christian Carnival: Wednesday, July 20

Welcome to the Christian Carnival for Wednesday, July 20th. Hope you all enjoy this.

Caveat: This is a Carnival open to Christians of Protestant, Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic persuasions. As such, it goes without saying that even as a host and as a Catholic I make no endorsement of any positions advocated in the linked posts; that's not to say I un-endorse them, so much as this is a Carnival of ideas, and there is certainly somewhere in these pages an idea with which I (or the Church to which I claim loyalty) will disagree. The Christian Carnival's Facebook page can be found at, well, here.

Scott Masters presents To Casey Anthony… We Are a People of Grace posted at The Jesse Lee Project, saying, "A Faithful perspective on the aftermath of the Casey Anthony Trial and acquittal"

Deano presents Discovering my test... Psalm 139 posted at My Jarrol Spot.

loswl presents The Eye is the Lamp of the Body – Part 2 posted at INSPIKS, saying, "I think a lot of Christians indulge in the sensual, thinking it is ok as long as they have not went far enough to commit the physical sexual sin."

Maryann Spikes presents Unintended Coincidences in the Bible by Tim McGrew posted at Ichthus77.

Createlive presents A Cross In The Sand posted at CREATElive.

Joe Plemon presents Book Review: Managing God’s Money by Randy Alcorn posted at Personal Finance By The Book, saying, "Randy Alcorn's newest book is, in my mind, a life changer. The review explains why."

Chris Price presents Ben Franklin, George Washington, and Christianity posted at American Church History.

Jason Price presents How Do You Define Generosity? [Christian Financial Alliance] posted at One Money Design, saying, "Christian finance articles help us learn the definition of generosity and explain it in their own terms."

Maryann Spikes presents Good without God? posted at Ichthus77.

Violet N. presents Treasure Book posted at Other Food: daily devos, saying, "Imagining life without the Bible makes one appreciate it more."

michelle presents oh that I will open the door? posted at going into all the earth....

Caffeine Coquette presents How Running Makes Me A Better Mother posted at The Caffeine Coquette, saying, "The strength I develop through running has benefits that go beyond physical. For me, running is like meditation, a way to connect to nature, grow closer to God, find inspiration and stimulate creativity."

Russ White presents The Modern Obsession with Confirmation posted at Thinking in Christ.

Ridge Burns presents The Power of Thank You posted at Ridge’s Blog.

Josh presents Bible Verses About Patience: 20 Scripture Quotes posted at What Christians Want To Know, saying, "Check out these 20 great Bible verses about patience."

Lastly, I (cheating a little, my post wouldn't have made it in under normal submission rules) am submitting from KBT, my entry, America the Beautiful - Appropriate for Church? in which the question on the tin is pondered and I humbly request your thoughts from within your particular "how we do Church" tradition.

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