Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Liturgical Awesomeness

The following link is to a lecture which was recently given at Catholic Univ. of America by Rev. Jeremy Driscoll, OSB. Fr. Driscoll teaches at Mt. Angel Seminary in Oregon and also at San Anselmo in Rome. He is also the author of the excellent book What Happens at Mass.

He speaks about a very interesting subject: logike latreia (Romans 12:1, commonly translated as 'spiritual worship', but the same words are found in Eucharistic prayers East and West as 'reasonable worship')

(The audio is bad for the first minute or two of Fr. Driscoll's lecture, but you don't miss anything substantial)


Dan Lower / KKairos said...

Is there any relation to this guy?

M.A. Schmitz said...

I hadn't thought of the connection, but probably distant if anything.

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