Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Best Ritual Moment Ever

From the former rite of confirmation (as found in the 1885 Pontifical):

"Next [the bishop] lightly slaps him on the cheek, saying:

Peace be with you."

(note: the word translated as 'slap' could also be translated as 'beat', 'cut', or 'slay'. And who knows how they interpreted that in the craziness that was the pre-Trent world?)

As an aside, since the tradition shows that slapping can be a legitimate sign of peace...


Es said...

OMG. Peace be with everybody.

Nick said...

I'm pretty sure the priest also slaps the individual in the 1962 rite of baptism. And if I'm not mistaking, it's still part of the rubricks but it's optional today.

Dan Lower / KKairos said...

I don't know if I'm ever exchanging the sign of peace with you again, Mike.

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