Monday, May 31, 2010

Recommended Reading (Dan's Take)

Recently we at KBT (mostly me, but not without any input) have revamped the links. They're now categorized as recommended reading and fun links. Austin and I both read Buttersafe and play DF, so both of those are in fun links. Recommended reading is an amalgamation of our old links. I must confess I didn't feel comfortable as a Catholic linking to CARM or, which is why those were removed. I suppose I could also have linked to Catholic Answers, but that would have struck me as obnoxious on my part to do, perhaps more-so than the removal of the other two. However we did reach mutual agreement on linking to specific thinkers within sub-traditions rather than websites that more explicitly promote some sub-tradition or another. The new recommendations list is pretty balanced in terms of where exactly in Christendom the thinkers hail from, and after some conversation with Austin I've added John Piper's 'Desiring God' blog. I haven't actually bugged Mike yet to see if he's got stuff to add.

My linking to these sites doesn't constitute any necessary endorsement of the specific ideas contained or preached therein. It definitely doesn't mean that I endorse as Catholic everything said on any of these websites, even the ones labeled "Catholic." What it does constitute is my general endorsement of those who do the main writing on those sites, as thinkers, and my good faith that they all endeavor to seek the Truth.

If anyone who runs these sites happens to see this list, and I've got their tradition wrong, they should tell me so I can correct it.

So here's the list, as I've currently got it composed (Austin or Mike might add stuff later):

* A Minor Friar (Catholic) - Fransiscan Brother Charles reflects on lots of things.
* Alexander Pruss (Catholic) - Thomistic philosopher who writes about just about everything, it seems.
* Amateur Theological Musings (Catholic, really Theological Musings from an Amateur) - Interesting musings on theology and philosophy; this kid could be huge in the future.
* Catholic and Enjoying it (Catholic) - Mark Shea, an interesting fellow.
* Dangerous Idea (Arminian Evangelical) - Victor Reppert, who asks lots of interesting questions about everything and is a big proponent of Lewis's Argument from Reason.
* Desiring God (Reformed Evangelical) - Headed by John Piper, a bigger reformed blog. I must admit I didn't pay much attention to Piper, but having read a little of his blog and watched some videos, I'm pretty impressed.
* John Meunier (United Methodist) - If you read only one UMC small minister's blog a day, make it this one. John waxes awesome on everything from whether Wesleyans are Wesleyan, to the internal politics of the church, to Rob Bell.
* Mere Orthodoxy (??? Evangelical) - How can you not love a blog that takes its name from a combination of Lewis's Mere Christianity and Chesterton's Orthodoxy? Theologizing on everything over here.
* Mouw's Musings (Reformed Evangelical) - Richard Mouw of Fuller Theological Seminary doesn't update ultra-often, but I find he is almost always worth the read.
* Parableman (Reformed Evangelical) - Jeremy Pierce is a philosophical grad student who asks interesting questions about lots and lots of things, from how we read texts (including Biblical texts) to philosophy of race.
* Sola Nobilitas Virtus (Catholic) - Kev Johnston often posts videos of Milton Friedman or people falling hilariously, but when he gets thinking, he gets thinking. He and I certainly disagree as to whether he gets it right from a Catholic or Christian standpoint, but he gets a lot of it right.

One last thing. I do not make this promise for Austin or Mike, but everything in the recommended reading list also goes in my RSS Feed Reader, with the intent that I read all of it, pretty much post-for-post.

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Much too high a praise, Dan. Thank you.

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