Monday, February 15, 2010

A link to CMR for an Interesting Story (Update: Day 2)

Creative Minority Report has asked that people who follow them, and have blogs of their own, take some posts to follow the story of baby Gianna. I decided I'd do so. I know about as much as you do about the way the story ends (that is, none) but you can read part one here. It's tagged as "theology in story," so it should be noted that the story is true, not something written just for the sake of ideas. And I do know this for a fact after a quick Google search, but if you care about reading the story as a story I suggest not searching Google as it will probably result in you knowing, as I do, how it ends.

Decided to redate the post so it'll show up again each day, each day with an update to a little table of contents:

Part 1
Part 2

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