Friday, February 20, 2009

A Funny Bit of Dialogue from Awhile Ago

Xeirxes: Hi.
KKairos: Hey. What is up.
Xeirxes: Not much, Went to church and had to work in the nursery :-\
KKairos: Heh. Mixed blessing it sounds like.
Xeirxes: Heh, I’m not complaining really. The kids are great.
KKairos: Ah. That's good.
Xeirxes: Plus, complaining is a sin :)
KKairos: They taught you that complaining is inherently sinful? Or just that it leads that direction. ?
Xeirxes: Well, complaining is sinful depending on the context of course. Complaining about your arm bleeding is probably a good thing.
KKairos: Heh.
Xeirxes: Complaining about how hard you think your work is just causes strife.
KKairos: True.
Xeirxes: Or, complaining about a person. Or a situation. It says in Phillipians, "do all things without grumbling."
KKairos: I would say venting about a person can be okay, but it has to be watched [b/c] it very easily turns to gossip. yeah
Xeirxes: True, I don't mind talking about a person's attitude too much, as long as it doesn't become gossip

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A. Scott / Xeirxes said...

Haha, this WAS a funny conversation we had. Man, long time since then though.

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