Saturday, September 1, 2007

I've Been Thinking a Lot Lately

I've been thinking a lot lately about evangelism, and exactly how it ought to work. I know of the Billy Graham model of evangelism and I think there's a certain place for it, but I think that place is only with certain Christians and that it is, quite frankly, not for everyone. But then, what is for everyone else?

Certainly, we can't just sit around doing nothing. The Great Commission commands us to go and make disciples of all the nations. So we've got...a fairly high standard to meet, it seems. But how do we meet this standard?

I was talking with a Christian friend of mine a few days ago about the concept of evangelism. She had talked about finding it hard to "push" religion, as far as the possibility of someone's conversion to Christianity at least, although she does make an effort to live the Christian life and has found herself involved in various religious discussions with non-Christians.

I started thinking about this in terms of the question of "how should we then live?" Things seemed to fall into place, and I'm starting to think that it would be a good idea, not to exclude the Billy Graham model of evangelism, but rather to say that persons using this model and persons not using the BG model should all live in such a way not as to awkwardly "push" religion on others, but to live in such a way that they exert a natural "pull"--that is, that people are naturally drawn to them because the way they live is not the way the world lives. And then there is opportunity for discussion about what one believes and why one believes it, whether or not one is preaching the Gospel from the pulpit.

At abt ratem ut;'s ... er.

At any rate, it's 3:29 AM as I write this and I'm likely rambling on.

[Actually posted a few days later by KKairos.]

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A. Scott / Xeirxes said...

Hey hey hey, your story just inspired me to write a bit.

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