Saturday, August 18, 2007

Who Are the Keyboard Theologians?

I guess this is our introduction. Here's how stuff happened today:
Xeirxes: it might be cool to actually make a blog just kind of recording our conversations

KKairos: heh
KKairos: hmm
Xeirxes: like, you know
Xeirxes: anything interesting we talk about
KKairos: heh
Xeirxes: we could make it into a blog post
KKairos: heh
Xeirxes: what do you think?

And here's the stuff that built up to what happened today:

I (KKairos / D.J. Lower) have known Xeirxes / A. Scott for quite a few years now. We actually met in the context of an internet community, DigitalMZX which revolves around the first-sharewared, now-opensourced GCS MegaZeux at a point in which our respective Christian walks still had lots of maturing to do. Well, they still have lots of maturing to do, but they did a little more maturing in the couple of years since our first encounters on DigitalMZX, and we've found dialoguing about MegaZeux, faith, Christian life, music and just about everything else under the sun quite a rewarding enterprise. This is the venue where we'll be sharing some of our thoughts with the world--individually, in our own posts, and together in posts about our conversations. Expect musings about faith, Christian life, theology, news relating to those things and, of course, some other awesome topics, too.

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